Proposed Projects

Please check here for the latest information on proposed improvements to our water utility!

  • Repair to Salmon Pond Dam
    Summer/Fall 2021

    The proposed project is to repair the earthen dam and spill way on Salmon Pond.  The Project had been designed and has recieved all needed permiting and approvals.  The project is currently out for bid and construction will begin this summer.

  • Supplemental Well Site Search

    In response to recent drought conditions and our observations of our source (Salmon Stream Pond), the District has decided to study the option of supplimenting our prestine source with well water. This is currently just a study and may involve some engineering and test boring to determin water quality.  The District is currently working with Ransom Consulting to determine the best location for test boring.

  • Summer Street
    2022 Summer/Fall

    A section of outdated water main located on outer Summer Street is set for replacement next summer. The District will be replacing a 2" galvanized pipe with 400 feet of 4" HDPE pipe. 

  • Treatment Plant media/valve change

    We are working with Tonka Water (manufacturer of our treatment system) to optimize treatment by changing the media size in our clarifiers and changing some valving to add an additional wash cycle to the filter cleaning process.

  • South Street
    Summer/Fall 2025

    The water main from East Main Street/Rt. 15 intersection out South Street/Rt. 7 will be replaced and relocated in conjunction with the Maine DOT project to rebuild South Street.  This project is proposed to start within 5 years and will be done by a DOT contractor